Our consistent use of technologies allows us to develop 3D Models with unmatched accuracy, impeccable quality and intricate details, compared to conventional detailing methods used in the market. We also use Cad to develop 2D models for fabrication purpose and we use tools depends on client's requirement. Additionally we attend to the needs of several industrial, commercial and residential steel structural detailing requirements, tailoring our deliverables to the tee to each project needs.

Our constant communication with clients and embracing of good “old school” processes for better representation, we continue to offer unparalleled detailing services for several projects.
We also provide advance Steel Bill of materials for customers in order to Procure the material or for tendering purpose.
Our main strength is to collaborate closely and briskly with customers and dedicated employees. We are organized to take up any type of jobs it may be size small or big.



Erection Drawings

DetailFab is an ideal company offering comprehensive erection drawings. We host a highly skilled detailer team that delivers erection drawings with impeccable quality, stringent precision and aligned latest standards.
The drawings clearly reveal the location and position of various assemblies of a specific structure and quite useful to personnel in the field.

Our erection drawings encompass:

  • Concrete Footings
  • Beams, Columns, RCC Walls, Bracings, and other Structural Components
  • Dacking, Grating
  • Stairs & Ladders
  • Enlarge connection details.

Our immaculate steel erection drawings for fabricators and erectors are completely based on clients’ needs and standards that simplify complex structures within schedule. Our projects include Industrial structure, office buildings, schools, airports, hospitals, and the like.

Assembly Drawings

Assembly drawings created by Samvadha Engineering presents comprehensive details of individual parts arrangement in a fixed formwork unit. The drawings consist of items and consumables along with data on required sizes and labels for elevations. The team is adroit in creating assembly drawings consisting of necessary dimensions, weld symbols, Bolt marks, Bill of material and notes, etc.

We ensure that the final output is editable and delivered in PDF and DXF or DWG format with multiple layers as required. We generate separate layers for dimensions, body, lines, and text, with blocks drawn for different entities as per client requirement.

Part Drawings

Single-part drawings are workshop drawings that show the fabrication information for one part or single component (usually without welds). Single-part drawings usually use small sheet sizes, and it provides complete and precise descriptions of a part's dimensions and conveys the information needed to create the part.

  • Part Name
  • Angle of Projection
  • Material Type
  • Drawing Scale
  • Date And/or Revision
  • Necessary Views (Front, Left Side, Right Side, Top, Bottom, Back)
  • Isometric View
  • All Necessary Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height, Size, Etc.)

The ease of interpretation of an efficient part drawing sets the tone of architectural success for any project. Our team at Samvadha is adroit in delivering efficient drawings and meeting client expectations to the tee.

Detail Fab Engineering and its team of structural detailing engineers ensure custom reports of developed models for small as well as large projects.
Our knowledge and expertise in leveraging modeling tool for drawings, reports, and other data stands us in good stead for easy change management. These reports are inclusive of drawing log, bolt list, and parts list, Assembly report, directly sourced from the model database. We leverage standard report templates and even modify existing report templates to suit specific client reporting needs.

We ensure accurate, intelligent and adaptable connections to fit all elements together and create all reports and fabrication data from the model in an automated manner. Even the bills of materials, process schedules and other related reports give insight into the structural details for all stakeholders. The proprietary formats for the reports include txt, docx, xlsx, etc. These custom reports can be shared with production, erection and logistics teams too.